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Matilda relaxing at the (Miami?) airport.
01 Apr

Worst April Fool’s Day Evah!

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Iraq Saddam Hussein

Iraq Saddam Hussein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the Museum of Hoaxes:

Saddam Hussein and his sons may have been ruthless, power-hungry dictators, but that didn't stop them from trying to give the people of Iraq a good chuckle every April Fool's Day. On April 1, 1998 the Babil newspaper, owned by Hussein's son Uday, informed its readers that President Clinton had decided to lift sanctions against Iraq, only to admit later that it was just joking. One can imagine the knee-slapping guffaws when readers realized how they'd been taken for a ride.

Check out the definitive list.

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13 Jun

Movie Monday – Joe Nicolosi’s Mario reconciles Nintendo’s epic franchise with a health dose of ‘reality’

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A bit of a lighter fare for this Monday.  Running just a touch over 2 minutes, this preview-style short produced for SXSW (miss you tons, Austin!!) Nicolosi seeks to reconcile reality and the Nintendo classic in what is, imho, the only possible way – by casting Mario as a mushroom-gulping plumber-cum-clubber battling obsession with stalking rescuing his ex-girlfriend from her new beau.  Featuring star-branded MDMA, talking turtles, and original 8-bit music samples, I can’t imagine a better way to start your week!

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03 Jun

Funny Friday – A little STD humor for all you crazy English majors!

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