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Thassa mah gurl!!

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Tragedy and Comedy.

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Matilda is cutting the grass. She did this for about half an hour!
15 Jun

Wednesday Wish List – We are Borg – your wrists will be assimilated

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roller_phone41 Ok, so not technically a real product yet, but until Amazon delivers my my retinal HUD lenses, I’ll have something more realistic to look forward to:

This concept from designer Alexey Chugunnikov is a combination time-telling device and telephone, doing both things in unexpected, futuristic ways. It looks like something out of a science fiction movie, yet it’s gloriously within reach. And you want one.

via forevergeek.

07 Jun

It’s Techie Tuesday and I am A-Ga-Ga over this concept phone from Mozilla Labs

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Holy Guacamole, can you say ‘Want’?!  This video, produced by Billy May of Mozilla Labs, is a crowd-sourced wishlist of technological ambrosia based entirely on existing technology.  The Mozilla Seabird is envisaged as an Andoid-based operating system running “an 8 megapixel camera, dual side pico projectors, wireless charging, and an embedded Bluetooth dongle,” this phone has everything you need to finally shed your laptop and impress people who are impressed by this kind of tom-geekery.  Mozilla is clear that the phone is concept-only – something they have no plans to develop – but it definitely raises the bar for the next big iPhone killer.  Warning: this video will forever ruin any love-affair you might have with your phone – which might not be a bad thing you sicko-pervert.

h/t GAS

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01 Jun

Wednesday Wish List – The Geekiest Corn Holder in the Multiverse!

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Tired of eating corn like all the other straights?  So was Shed Simove until he came up with Cornobi!  Now when you’re eating lunch by yourself, the cool kids will be too busy laughing to notice the corn stuck in your teeth!


I couldn't find one of these badboys for sale on his website, but head on over anyways for some other fun yum-yums.  Until they are back in stock, you can at least enjoy the demonstration video!

24 May

Techie Tuesday–Robot Overlords One Step Closer to Finishing Manifesto

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A picture of Katniss from the Hunger Games and...

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Researchers in Australia – where everyone knows the robocalypse will begin – are helping robots to invent their own language. 

To understand the concept behind the project, consider a simplified case of how language might have developed. Let's say that all of a sudden you wake up somewhere with your memory completely wiped, not knowing English, Klingon, or any other language. And then you meet some other person who's in the exact same situation as you. What do you do?

What might very well end up happening is that you invent some random word to describe where you are right now, and then point at the ground and tell the word to the other person, establishing a connection between this new word and a place. And this is exactly what the Lingodroids do. If one of the robots finds itself in an unfamiliar area, it'll make up a word to describe it, choosing a random combination from a set of syllables. It then communicates that word to other robots that it meets, thereby defining the name of a place.

First of all, I don’t care how big a bump on the head I received, I would never, NEVER forget how to speak Klingon.  That said, while I agree the project is fairly interesting, I have to wonder about the merit of these kinds of experiments that pre-suppose the outcome – in other words, the process relies on the very assumptions of how languages develop that it purports to address.

Either way, when I’m in a badass swordfight with our robotic overlords, I want to be able to understand the smack talk!

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29 Mar

Link Vomit – Science and Tech Edition

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Image: Drank too much? - Vision and scenes of Hell!, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from rwp-roger's photostream

The town of Inuvik, Canada, will no longer spend winter in permanent darkness, thanks to their shiny new artificial sun!  Despite being just freakishly awesome, I wonder what effect this will have on the local ecosystem?

Attention super-villains: Seeking exotic materials for your next go at world domination?  Check out for the latest and greatest microreplication devices, spray-on metals, and talking tapes.  On a side note, do you  really want dominion over this planet?  Sounds like a helluva workload to me …

Speaking of spray-on materials, a Germano-Turkish research conglomerate has developed a non-toxic form of glass coating that is both flexible and breathable and is designed to protect against a score of environmental hazards.  I imagine we’ll file this one with the electric car and any other product designed to decimate entire economic sectors in the selfish name of environmental protection.

Google is reportedly working on a speech-to-speech translation system.  Of course, I hear this and think Star Trek style real-time interspecies communication, but I imagine the typical conversation sounds a lot more like, “For why do you recite intercourse you?  I perform solament translation service error!”

Researchers in the U.S. have developed a skin-based device interface that operates on the electric signals conducted through touch.  Ostensibly, this will allow people to perform a series of gestures to control their mp3 players, make a phone call, and send email.  As someone who is still getting used to the site of people using their bluetooth headsets on the street, I look forward to the day when everyone is spasmodically touching themselves!

Clever little monkeys at the University of Technology and the University of Michigan have developed a prosthetic foot that stores the kinetic energy of the downstep for release in the upstep, thereby mimicking the action of the human ankle.  Next stop - go go gadget legs!

Finally, from the New Scientist, Valerie Jamieson – aka Dr. Buzzkill – explains why we’ll never travel at warp speeds.  However, fear not, for there is no shortage of clever little pointy-eared fans with the smarts to rebut her hypothesis.  

25 Mar

You sure taste purty! Creating artificial sight with a tongue prosthesis?

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Not quite Daredevil, but pretty damn cool:

The BrainPort converts visual images into a series of electrical pulses which are sent to the tongue. The different strength of the tingles can be read or eye-tongue_336786sinterpreted so the user can mentally visualise their surroundings and navigate around objects. The device is a tiny video camera attached to a pair of sunglasses which are linked to a plastic "lolly pop" which the user places on their tongue to read the electrical pulses. L/Cpl Lundberg explained: "It feels like licking a nine volt battery or like popping candy. "The camera sends signals down onto the lolly pop and onto your tongue. You can then determine what they mean and transfer it to shapes. "You get lines and shapes of things. It sees in black and white so you get a two-dimensional image on your tongue - it's a bit like a pins and needles sensation. "It's only a prototype, but the potential to change my life is massive. It's got a lot of potential to advance things for blind people.

Blind soldier 'sees' with tongue device - Science, News - The Independent