More about Jay Daverth

By day, I am a professor of security studies with a focus on international terrorism. As much as I love what I do, what distinguishes good scholarship is the ability to withstand criticism. The primary work of academics is split between two related goals - locate and exploit the weaknesses in other people's arguments and find ever-more creative means through which to avoid those weaknesses in your own. In a profession where we are all constantly under attack, it is little wonder that academic articles are often so unreadable - it's not that we're hiding behind jargon, it's that we're trying to be as precise as possible in our assertions so as to withstand the scrutiny of others.

But damnit, I'm human too! As much as I may enjoy the pursuit of such rhetorical rigor, I'm also full of opinions - sticky, messy half-thoughts that I want to express without worrying about constructing an impenetrable advanced defense. I may be - and often am - ignorant, wrong, or just plain stupid. But this blog is the only forum left to me where I have the freedom to be those things, the freedom to be a person.

So welcome to my super-ego - I lay it before you unfiltered and uncensored. Lavish me with praise or flay me open for the maggots - this blog is an extension of me and nothing more.

Fun facts about Jay:

  • I was born in the U.S. though have been living in Europe since 2001. Yes ... Bush was a factor, but it is more complex than that. Ask me about it sometime.
  • I started The Hindsight Factor in 2002 when 'blog' was still wheedling its way into the dictionary. It has been wildly unsuccessful.
  • I did the Kessel run in 13 parsecs. Second place ain't so bad.
  • I love music of (almost) all kinds, and am not afraid to admit that I thoroughly enjoy Musicals and Barbershop Quartets.
  • I have discovered a word that rhymes with Orange, but I'm not telling.