290 of 366

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290 of 366

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View from my rear these past mornings.
28 Jan

Star Wars Uncut comes online: 2 hours of Kismet goulash in 15-second bites

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The goal was as simple as it was ambitious; as beautiful as it was grotesque; as awesome as it was … so freakishly awesome!  A crowdsourced version of Star Wars Episode IV (A New Hope) in 15-second blocks, open-sourced and using any creative media you happen to have nearby.  Less than a year later, the results are in.

I, for one, will never wash my eyeballs again!

Enjoy it now before the MPAA tries to shut it down:

08 Jun

Wednesday Wish List – Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina Bookends: Droooool ….

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Currently out of stock at Amazon, but I’ll be in geek heaven when one of you decides to buy me these puppies.  ‘Course since I’m exclusively on Kindle these days I’ll have to find something else to separate these two nutters.  Perhaps my growing pile of unpaid bills?  That’ll show ‘em!


And we all know that Han shot first, eh Mr. Lucas?

01 Jun

Wednesday Wish List – The Geekiest Corn Holder in the Multiverse!

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Tired of eating corn like all the other straights?  So was Shed Simove until he came up with Cornobi!  Now when you’re eating lunch by yourself, the cool kids will be too busy laughing to notice the corn stuck in your teeth!


I couldn't find one of these badboys for sale on his website, but head on over anyways for some other fun yum-yums.  Until they are back in stock, you can at least enjoy the demonstration video!

23 May

Movie Monday–The Raven: A Film by Ricardo de Montreuil

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This incredible short film by Peruvian filmmaker Montreuil is 6 minutes of pure, pharmaceutical-grade awesomeness.  Set in a dystopic Los Angeles, the film follows Chris Black (Victor Lopez), a man who “possesses a power that could lead to the destruction of the current regime” and his desperate race for survival.  Produced on a budget of $5,000 – roughly the amount that Hollywood films spend on 1 page of a script – it pound-for-pound equals or betters your average blockbuster. 

You can watch the embed here, but if your broadband can handle it, I highly recommend heading over to Vimeo for the Hi-Def version!

THE RAVEN - 720 HD from THE RAVEN FILM on Vimeo.

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28 Apr

Barbershop Quartet singing the Ewok Celebration Song

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If you've been a long-time reader of this blog, you know by now that I am huge sci-fi fan.  What you almost certainly don't know, is that it takes only mere seconds of a barbershop quartet performance to send me into fits - yes, fits - of pure glee.  Never did I imagine that, one day, the modern commnications marvel that is the internet would come along to deliver both in a single, double-shot package of mirth.  Enjoy!

23 Jan

YouTube - Picard's response to Rick Warren

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As my cuz recently pointed out, Kirk was like a hillbilly compared to Jean-Luc…