Happy Valentine’s Day from Charles Darwin

14 Feb
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On this day, we celebrate the eons of mutation, adaptation and selection that allow us to express our love for one another in grand, time-honored America fashion - by diverting wealth and surplus labor into the hands of chocolate and greeting card producers nationwide.


Thanks to Ironic Sans

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Oh, I totally feel your retcaion to Special Delivery! I started writing BDSM as part of a writing challenge, with no real understanding of the lifestyle other than it's kinky . It wasn't until I read Joey W. Hill's Rough Canvas (coincidentally my first m/m, too) that I finally got what it was about. And so many authors, m/m and m/f, *don't* do it well. Take out that emotional component and (for me anyway) it goes from sexy to cold. Anyway, I was lucky in that when I found Special Delivery, Double Blind had just come out, so I had instant gratification! And they are on my auto-re-read list for whenever I feel myself slipping into the cold waters of BDSM the boys remind me of the emotional connection that makes it a loving relationship and keeps it from just being another smutty novel. (I could go on and on here about dynamic, multi-dimensional characters and emotional journey, but I'll settle for saying Heidi writes a kick-ass story.)BTW Did you know that Special Delivery is up for August Book of the Month for the Goodreads m/m group?

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