Welcome to my super-ego!

13 May
As you can see, I've completely scrapped the old site. After a four-year run, it was a tearful farewell. But at this point, I feel that my goals have changed enough to warrant a complete revision. I have big plans for the site which I'll be releasing over time. In the meantime, you can expect the same U.S.-centric blogging but from a totally international perspective, solid left-wing progressive values but with open arms to all enlightened souls, positive - Positive - POSITIVE vibes but with eyes wide open to the harsh reality, and a chill intellectual coffeeshop atmosphere but with unpretentious and accessible conversation. Basically, hippie-guy with a Ph.D. So... I expect the site to be operational sometime after the weekend. After that, I will expect you all to visit in droves or pay the consequences. Seriously. Share this