29/365:2011 1-29-2011

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  • Photo owner: Jay Daverth
  • Date Taken: Sat, 2011-01-29 12:46
  • Date Uploaded: Sat, 2011-01-29 20:18
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This little guy was chugging along the canal today and, so far as I could tell, its only purpose was to break the ice (and advertise coal for sale). Then a few minutes later, I saw a parade of river boats working their way in its wake. I never thought about this before, but I doubt those little canal boats are capable of cutting their way through the ice.

Always wanted to hire one of these and spend some weeks tooling through Europe's canal systems.


Great capture of the action...

Great capture of the action... and thanks for the explanation... I never knew that!!
Canal boats are way cool, I spent some time on one around Oxford a few summers ago - brilliant!