Jobs Bill Passes Senate With Help From Republican Hypocrites

24 Feb in Congress, Politics, Republicans
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In the midst of 9+% unemployment, the minority Gestapo had the temerity to mount a filibuster against a jobs bill that was mostly tax cuts – the very same words that hypocrite Sarah Palin had written on her hand! These sick old white men are so hell-bent on petulant obstructionism that they would even vote against their own signature issue.  That is, until … gasp, the Republican Messiah and embodied proof of the impending 2010 Tsunami traitorous liberal scumbag Scott Brown decided to cross ranks with the GOP caucus and cast a vote in line with his own politics. 

Seriously though, send the kids out of the room and go check out what his flock are saying about him on Facebook.  Yowza.  But wait,  there’s more …

After squeaking with 62 votes for cloture, the bill passed today by a margin of 70 to 28.  Now I’m no mathematician, but even with the 2 absentees from Monday, that makes 6 Republican hypocrites who tried to stop the vote from happening at all and then voted to pass the bill anyway - Alexander (TN), Cochran (MS), Lemieux (FL), Murkowski (AK), Wicker (MS), and, of course, Inhofe (OK).  Seriously … this  must be a previously undiscovered apex of douche-baggery.

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Thanks for the links!

Protest music seemed to be making a bit of a comeback during the dark era of King George the W but has since sputtered off. Nice to see people trying to keep it alive ...

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