Free ebooks correlated with increased print-book sales

06 Mar in Copyright / Copyfighting / Piracy
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As someone with my second book on the way, I find myself torn between not wanting to fight with my publisher yet remaining faithful to my ideals regarding CC licensing.  After all, it is much more important to me to be read than to make a few extra sheckles off of my ideas.  Besides, I’m fairly certain that having a larger reader base will lead to more actual book sales – even if there are more people reading for free.  Finally, there is a bit of empirical evidence to back it up.

Those publishers who insist on draconian, DRM-crippled merchandise might want to consider this little gem from Brad Colbow (click to enlarge):the_brads_drm

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Re: Free ebooks correlated with increased print-book sales

The article is worth reading, I like it very much. Have a good day! And I hope you will go on to share your new ideas.

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