18 May

That's what the rest of us call a recession

Although recession sort of implies a temporary slump, whereas this (and this ) has all the makings of a full-blown crisis. But not to worry, because if you live anywhere in RNC fanatsyland, the economy is strong.
18 May

This is so wack

Lifted directly from blogebrity :

The Blogebrity Medal of Honor goes out today to Jessa, who pulled off the uneviable double-dip of getting fired for blogging AND being threatened with legal action if she didn't take down her blog (a personal favorite of ours), Jessaisms (link to what's left after the legal threats | link to a cached version of the full site).

For what it's worth, Jessa can find solace in the good company of the ever-growing fraternal order of the fired blogger. Although right now we imagine she's more interested in finding a new (and more blogger-friendly) employer.

To the rest of you -- watch your back out there. Thanks to overzealous/clueless employers, blogging can be hazardous to your (financial) health.

17 May

Georgia hearts teh gay

Another judge overturns a bigoted, mean-spirited, and historically regressive referendum. On a technicality, sure, but I'll take it.
17 May

OMG... Rove losing weight!!?!

Honestly, I've never been able to understand the media’s obsession with Karl Rove. As far as I'm concerned, he’s a Bush-family sycophant whose only noteworthy accomplishment lies in leeching onto an incompetent ideologue who can barely utter a coherent sentence without drooling on himself and propelling him into the presidency of the United States of America.

Don’t get me wrong, this must have been no easy task. But did he do it through some kind of insightful form of evil genius? No, he’s a one-trick pony who time and time again paints the opposition as weak, dishonest, and out of touch. Projection aside, the fact is that this does not make you a political genius, it only makes you a bully. Karl Rove is a hateful, angry, a bitter individual who acts like he’s looking for vengeance against all the girls who wouldn’t date him in high school. He has no power not given to him by the msm and the sooner we stop wasting ink by repeating his rambling gibberish, the sooner we can resume determining our own reality.

But this just takes the taco:

… others have noted changes in Rove’s appearance. Over the last year, the senior Bush aide has dramatically slimmed down, losing an estimated 50 pounds. While some have speculated that stress could be the cause, Rove told a National Journal reporter last month that he’s been dieting and working out with Bolten at the White House gym.

So it’s confirmed, Karl Rove is not a man, but a Golem. He’s a bundled mass of clay, broken glass, and banana peels supernaturally shaped into human form and endowed with the concentrated powers of his creators. And these days, his creators have bigger things to worry about.

Waste away Karl … waste away.

16 May


If you've been peeking in, you may have noticed a whole lot of nothing lately. I've been working pretty hard installing the site framework, but I think I have a lot of the bugs worked out now. Over the next few days I plan to code in a lot of the theming to make the site look pretty and also to start arranging all the features in some kind of accessible format.

I expect you to hold your breath until then.

13 May

Welcome to my super-ego!

As you can see, I've completely scrapped the old site. After a four-year run, it was a tearful farewell. But at this point, I feel that my goals have changed enough to warrant a complete revision. I have big plans for the site which I'll be releasing over time. In the meantime, you can expect the same U.S.-centric blogging but from a totally international perspective, solid left-wing progressive values but with open arms to all enlightened souls, positive - Positive - POSITIVE vibes but with eyes wide open to the harsh reality, and a chill intellectual coffeeshop atmosphere but with unpretentious and accessible conversation. Basically, hippie-guy with a Ph.D. So... I expect the site to be operational sometime after the weekend. After that, I will expect you all to visit in droves or pay the consequences. Seriously.