Wikipedia’s List of Common Misconceptions

08 Jun in THF
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Big thanks to XKCD for pointing me towards Wikipedia’s ever-growing list of common misconceptions.  As the page’s introduction notes:

This is a list of current, widely held, fallacious ideas and beliefs about notable topics which have been reported by reliable sources from around the world. Each has been discussed in published literature, as has its topic area (such as glass, and the misconception that glass is viscous) and the actual facts concerning it.

There’s some surprising stuff in there.  For example, did you know that glass is not, in fact, a slow-moving liquid?  I know there’s been a terrible void in your lives since I killed the Cognitive Bias section, so I’ve gone ahead and split each out and put them into rotation on the right side of the site so your visit here will be that much more educational.  THF eradicates Stupid, yo!!

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