Primitive DVD players

04 Jul in Copyright / Copyfighting / Piracy, Funny, Video
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I've been using computers as my video delivery system for so long that I've completely forgotten how obnoxious it is to use a dedicated DVD player.  But reality gave me a swift kick in the eyeballs during a recent hotel stay where I tried to play a DVD in their complimentary player only to realize that I am forced - yes, forced - to watch each and every precious moment of those fun-filled anti-piracy videos, followed by the interminable (literally 'without termination') FBI warning. 

To make matters worse, being a new dad I am wholly incapable of sustained viewing pleasure and frequently had to pause the video, only to engage the system's sleep program.  After which I was forced, once again, to watch the stupid warning.  Time. after. fricken'. time.

Anyway, positive spin is that it reminded me of this little gem from The IT Crowd:

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