Obama’s new 50-state plan

25 Jun in Funny
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Obama-To-R_jpg_600x345_crop-smart_upscale_q85 For all those nay-sayers out there who feel as though Obama should be able to wave a magic wand and stop oil from leaking, reverse a decade of Republican fiscal mismanagement overnight, and defeat the evil Voldemort, finally … FINALLY we have a plan.

ROCKLAND, ME—In an attempt to convince an anxious populace that his legislative agenda is working and that everything is going to be all right, President Barack Obama embarked on a 50-state, 30,000-town tour Monday during which he plans to gaze assuredly into the eyes of each American citizen, one at a time.

"I know a lot of people out there are nervous. They're worried about unemployment, the oil spill in the Gulf, and whether or not I am making the right choices in Washington," Obama said during a rally at Rockland District High School. "To those Americans, I offer you this inspiring, confident gaze."

Obama then stepped down from his podium, walked into the 2,000-person audience, and peered comfortingly into each person's eyes. After taking 45 minutes to methodically work his way from the front row all the way to the balcony, and punctuating each look with a gentle pat on the shoulder, Obama returned to the stage, collected himself, and addressed the silent group before him.

"There," he said. "All better."

Ahh … I hope I get mine this weekend.

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