New Year's Resolutions

04 Jan in Personal, THF
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I'm back online (sorta) in the wee hours betwixt sun and sleep here in Malaga. 

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions ... more of the 'no time like the present' kind of person.  The last time I participated in this generally ill-fated ritual was when I was a teenager, and back then it was probably something like "be less dorky".  And we can see how that turned out!

I have, however, recently joined a flickr group in which I have sworn a blood oath to take at least one photo per day in 2011.  You may have noticed a few images popping up on the front page which represent my first efforts.  I hope to improve throughout the year, so all you professional and amateur photographers should be sure to pass along all those helpful tidbits!

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