Just because Bush says it doesn't make it true

30 May
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I know all the media outlets have been abuzz with Bush’s shameful likening of the War on Terror to the Cold War at West Point address the sequal. Some are calling it a sign that GWOT will be a generational struggle to continue for years and years, as if that’s somehow a profound insight into the mind of a megalomaniacal war-monger.

Myself, I can’t think of anything more profoundly stupid than to assume otherwise. After all, “terrorism” is an incredibly malleable and abstract concept and the tactics which define common vernacular are as old as humankind. In fact, I defy anyone to give me an example of any existing state which did not originate in some fashion from an act of terrorism. By extension, there is no reason to suspect that assholes individuals angry and disaffected by the majority won’t continue to rely on political violence for the foreseeable future. But honestly, what did 9-11 change except that this time they dared to bring it to U.S. soil.?

However, this does NOT mean that we are somehow condemned to continue this intellectually vacuous pursuit of an international “war” on a tactic. Just because Bush’s puny reptilian neocortex somehow squeezed out the realization that terrorism is always going to be around does not provide justification for perpetuating a foreign policy that has clearly inserted itself as a causal factor in the very insecurity it purports to address. Even sushi is smart enough to know that Bush’s generational “war” is only making the problem worse.

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