14 Feb

Republicans wondering how to stop being viewed as the 'party of no'

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From The Hill:

Congressional Republicans are divided on how to change the public’s perception that they are not working with President Barack Obama.

According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted earlier this month, 58 percent of the 1,004 respondents said Republicans have not reached out enough to Obama.

Is there no sense of irony among the Republican Party?  The way to stop Hypocrisy-It'sTheAmericanWay!_400x400being the party of no is to stop being the party of no!  There is no pride to be taken in voting in unified blocks.  Some questions:

Are you telling me none of these people have a problem filibustering anything and everything under the sun after threatening the ‘nuclear option’ only a few short years ago?

Are you telling me that there wasn’t one single Republican who thought that the stimulus was a good idea?  Because for all the bluster they mustered in Washington, there were dozens, DOZENS who bragged about how great it was to their home constituents.

Are you telling me that there was not a single Republican in favor of health care reform?  Really?  Even though these same legislators made a huge push to “fix” Medicare back in 2003?

Are you telling me that there is not one single Republican willing to break ranks in order to allow an up-or-down vote for Obama’s choice to head the TSA – even in the wake of a terrorist attack?!

And are you telling me that Republicans are now outraged at federal deficits and big government after not only ushering in the single largest expansion of federal government in history, but bringing the country to the brink of bankruptcy in the process?

This isn’t about perception vs. reality – this IS reality!  This is a group of petulant children who have been voting for one thing and one thing alone – to shut down the federal government.

07 Feb

Sarah Palin Using Hand as a Cheat Sheet?

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Seriously, I could care less about this story.  We all know that Palin has a limited ability to think on her feet, so if she needs a little help to remember her talking points, power to her.  I mean, anything is better than the kind of verbal flatulence she spewed during the campaign.  But when she does it WHILE slamming Obama for using a teleprompter … well, that’s just mock-worthy!


11 Oct

Meet the bottom 20% - a.k.a. McCain's Base

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The things that has always alarmed me most about the right wing Republican/conservative/FOX News-watching types is how they wear their own IGNORANCE as a badge of honor! I can't get my head around the notion of how unashamed they are of their own ignorance. It used to be that abject stupidity was something to be embarrassed about. Is it somehow now HIP these days to be a total dumbass? Did I miss the memo? - Richard Metzger

08 Oct

McCain Debate Highlights

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Well, McInSane was certainly out in full force last night vying for the grouchy, bigot vote!

To be fair, when you reach his age, well, let's just say he probably didn't see him there.