Barack Obama - Too Dark for America

15 Oct in Barack Hussein Obama, Politics, Racism
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IllDoctrine - tell it like it is!

We're Racists for McCain and we APPROVE this message!

In related news, investigative reporters from Fafblog! have uncovered some pretty damning facts about Obama. Seriously, this could be the October surprise that the Palin/Old Man ticket have been waiting for. For example:

FACT! Barack Obama has been friends with Rashid Khalidi, an openly Arab Arab who is so Arab he writes about other Arabs. Is Barack Obama part of the international Arab conspiracy to trick white people into thinking about Arabs? Answer: also maybe.

FACT! Barack Obama talks about his white mother and his white grandparents and the white half of his family that is white, but did you know that half of his family is also black? In fact, half his family is so black that Obama keeps them hidden away on a whole other continent where they speak in a strange, otherworldly code which is not even English. What is Obama trying to hide? Possibly something black. BONUS FACT! Barack Obama may be half-white and half-black, but he married a woman who is completely black. In a way, doesn't that make him three-quarters black? Math doesn't lie, people!

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